Rest may refer to:

  • Leisure
  • Human relaxation
  • Sleep

Rest may also refer to:

  • Rest (music), a pause in a piece of music
  • Rest (physics), the relation between two observers
  • Rest (album), a 2008 album by Gregor Samsa
  • Rest (band), Irish instrumental doom metal band
  • Bank reserves, holdings in accounts at the Bank of England, plus cash in bank vaults
  • Support (structure)
    • Rest (cue sports) or mechanical bridge, a device supporting a cue stick on long shots in snooker, billiards and pool games
    • Arm rest
    • Head rest
    • Footrest
    • Leg rest

REST may refer to:

  • RE1-silencing transcription factor, a human gene
  • Representational state transfer, software architecture, including RESTful web services
  • Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique, a sensory deprivation technique
  • ReStructuredText, a lightweight markup language
  • Retail Employees Superannuation Trust, Australia's largest superannuation fund by membership
  • Revised Extended Standard Theory, a theory of linguistic competence developed by Noam Chomsky in the mid-1970s

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Weekly Rest (Industry) Convention, 1921
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Magasa (Italy) - The Haylofts of Cima Rest
... The straw-roofed haylofts of plateau Denai and Cima Rest are mentioned for the first time in a document dated 1613 ... local culture, one of the haylofts of Cima Rest has become the Ethnographic Museum of the Valvestino ...
No Rest For The Wicked (webcomic)
... No Rest for the Wicked is a fantasy webcomic by Andrea L ... No Rest for the Wicked is now also available in Italian, German, and Japanese ...
Interstate 75 In Florida - Services
... Along Interstate 75 are 9 pairs of rest areas along the length of the freeway ... Each rest area has rest rooms, vending machines, picnic tables, dog walk areas and nighttime security ... Call boxes can also be found at some rest areas ...

Famous quotes containing the word rest:

    ... you can have a couple of seconds to rest in. I mean seconds. You have about two seconds to wait while the blanker is on the felt drawing the moisture out. You can stand and relax those two seconds—three seconds at most. You wish you didn’t have to work in a factory. When it’s all you know what to do, that’s what you do.
    Grace Clements, U.S. factory worker. As quoted in Working, book 5, by Studs Terkel (1973)

    Sleep is a reconciling,
    A rest that peace begets.
    —Unknown. Weep You No More, Sad Fountains (l. 10–11)

    I thought when I was a young man that I would conquer the world with truth. I thought I would lead an army greater than Alexander ever dreamed of. Not to conquer nations, but to liberate mankind. With truth. With the golden sound of the Word. But only a few of them heard. Only a few of you understood. The rest of you put on black and sat in chapel.
    Philip Dunne (1908–1992)