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Territorial And Reserve Forces Act 1907 - Provisions of The Act - Part III—the Special Reserve
... Part III of the Act dealt with the expansion of the Army Reserve, the creation of a new class of reservists in the Special Reserve, and the transfer of militia units ... It extended the Reserve Forces Act 1882 to allow the enlistment of men who had not served in the regular forces, to be known as "special reservists" ... The Reserve Forces and Militia Act 1898 was extended to allow up to six thousand men in total to be liable for callout without proclamation, and for the period of their liability to be up to two years ...
Military Reserve Force
... A military reserve force is a military organization composed of citizens of a country who combine a military role or career with a civilian career ... Reserve forces are generally not considered part of a permanent standing body of armed forces ... The existence of reserve forces allows a nation to reduce its peacetime military expenditures while maintaining a force prepared for war ...
Military History Of Cyprus - Organization - Reserve Forces
... Reserves Organisation Home Guard Sub-Command The Republic of Cyprus is thought to possess ready reserves (first and second line reserves of fighting fitness and age ... Formed reserve units in existence include six light infantry brigades (maintained at cadre strength during peacetime) ...
Continental Air Command - History - 1950s Reserve Forces Reforms
... series of laws in the first half of the 1950s to strengthen the reserve programs. 5426 as the Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1952 on July 9, 1952 ... most persons and organizations interested in reserve matters, the National Guard Association excepted, as a first concrete step in curing the ills of the national reserve program ...
List Of Tribunals In The United Kingdom - Employment - Reserve Forces Reinstatement Committees and Umpires
... Reserve Forces Reinstatement Committees hears applications from members of the United Kingdom reserve forces (the Territorial Army, the Royal Auxiliary Air Force ...

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