Res is also a very common Latin word meaning "thing", and as such is the first word of several Latin phrases:

  • Res divina (service of the gods)
  • Res Extensa Descartes' physical world
  • Res gestae (Things done)
  • Res inter alios acta (A thing done between others)
  • Res ipsa loquitur (The thing speaks for itself)
  • Res judicata (A matter judged)
  • Res nullius (An unowned thing)
  • Res publica (A public thing), the origin of the word republic
  • Ad rem (to the matter)
  • De rerum natura, a poem by the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius
  • Ubi re vera whereas, in reality...

Other articles related to "res":

Resultant - Computation
... This can be resolved by writing res(P',Q) as a determinant again, where P' has leading zero coefficients ... where only the leading coefficient q of Q appears res(P,Q)=qdegP-degP' res(P',Q) ...
Resultant - Properties
... res(P,Q) = (-1)degPdegQres(Q,P) res(PR,Q)=res(P,Q)res(R,Q) If P'=P+RQ and degP'=degP, then res(P,Q)=res(P',Q) ... the same degree and X=a00P+a01Q, Y=a10P+a11Q, then res(P-,Q)=res(Q-,P) where P-(z)=P(-z) ...
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Alyutor Language - Typology
... once (name)-ERG+SG somewhere RES⟩see⟨RES+3SG.P fishABS+SG 'Once Qutkinnyaqu saw a fish somewhere.' ɣa-nvə-lin qutkinʲnʲaqu-nak təlɣə-lŋən ŋan.tiŋ ... RES⟩poke⟨RES+3SG.P (name)-ERG+SG finger-ABS+SG there 'Qutkinnyaqu stuck his finger there.' ...
Res (singer) - Solo Career
... Res released her debut album, How I Do, in 2001 along with its first single "Golden Boys." Despite heavy rotation on VH1, the song did not catch on in radio play ... In early 2002, Res released the third single from How I Do, "They-Say Vision." The song and accompanying video were breakthrough hits and reached #1 on the Billboard Dance chart and ... as "They-Say Vision." Meanwhile, in 2002, Res appeared on a track with Tony Allen, Ray Lema, Baaba Maal, Positive Black Soul and Archie Shepp for the Red Hot Organization's compilation album Red ...

Famous quotes containing the word res:

    The poem is the cry of its occasion,
    Part of the res itself and not about it.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)