Request Line

A request line or contest line is a telephone line which allows listeners to a radio station (or sometimes a TV station) to call the radio studio or TV studio directly. In radio, this is usually to request a song, win a contest, be a part of a talk show, or to ask a question of the disk jockey, such as what the name and artist of a recent song was. Used occasionally in television, it is typically for telephone voting for an unscientific opinion poll in relation to news events, for a talk show, or sometimes to win a contest.

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HTTP - Request Message
... The request message consists of the following A request line, for example GET /images/logo.png HTTP/1.1, which requests a resource called /images/logo.png from the server ... Headers, such as Accept-Language en An empty line ... The request line and headers must all end with (that is, a carriage return character followed by a line feed character) ...
Request Line - Screening and Editing
... Calls typically come into the studio on a multi-line telephone, which is equipped to connect callers to the audio console and onto the air via a telephone hybrid ... often been on hold for several minutes and may be listening to the radio or TV instead of the line, that he or she is now on the air ... method is most common with contest winners or callers to "all-request" shows like Delilah, and is done quickly for airplay just a few minutes later ...

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