Repeat Expansion

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Trinucleotide Repeat Disorders - Trinucleotide Repeat Expansion
... Trinucleotide repeat expansion, also known as triplet repeat expansion, is the DNA mutation responsible for causing any type of disorder categorized as a trinucleotide repeat disorder ... Triplet expansion is caused by slippage during DNA replication ... Due to the tandem repeats in the DNA sequence and the instability of the sequence in these regions, 'loop out' structures may form during DNA replication while maintaining complementary ...
Huntingtin - Clinical Significance
... by a mutation in the huntingtin gene, where the CAG repeats more than 36 times and is unstable ... These expanded repeats lead to production of a huntingtin protein that contains an abnormally long polyglutamine tract at the N-terminus ... disorders known as trinucleotide repeat disorders or polyglutamine disorders ...
Trinucleotide Repeat Disorders
... Trinucleotide repeat disorders (also known as trinucleotide repeat expansion disorders, triplet repeat expansion disorders or codon reiteration disorders) are a set of genetic disorders ... mutation is a subset of unstable microsatellite repeats that occur throughout all genomic sequences ... If the repeat is present in a healthy gene, a dynamic mutation may increase the repeat count and result in a defective gene ...

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