Rent may refer to:

  • Renting, a system of payment for the temporary use of something owned by someone else (hiring); the payments for such use are typically referred to as "rent"
  • Economic rent, in economics, a payment to a factor of production in excess of that which is needed to keep it employed in its current use
  • Rent (musical), a stage musical by Jonathan Larson, directed by Michael Greif
    • Rent (film), a 2005 movie version of the musical, directed by Chris Columbus
    • Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway, the final performance of the Broadway production filmed live in 2008, directed by Michael John Warren
  • Rent (song), a 1987 pop music hit from the Pet Shop Boys
  • Rent (MUD), a game mechanic in some MUDs
  • Rentboy or rent boy, a slang term for a male prostitute
  • Past form of the verb "to rend"

Other articles related to "rent":

Shooting Ranges - Other Services
... Many gun ranges will let shooters rent firearms, as well ... In most cases, ranges (especially indoor) rent out handguns and rifles in various calibers, however there are ranges that rent Class III/NFA firearms (full-auto weapons, suppressed weapons ...
Mortgage To Rent
... Mortgage to Rent is part of the Home Owners' Support Fund, run by the Scottish Government ... Under the scheme, a homeowner's property is bought by a housing association who then rent the property back to the owner who is able to stay on as a social tenant ...
Law Of Rent
... The Law of rent was formulated by David Ricardo around 1809, and presented in its most developed form in his magnum opus, On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation ... This is the origin of the term Ricardian rent ... exposition of the source and magnitude of rent, and is among the most important and firmly established principles of economics ...
List Of Licensed And Localized Editions Of Monopoly - Equipment - Deeds
... mortgage value, the cost of building houses and hotels on that property, and the various rent prices depending on how developed the property is. 4 railroads, players collect $25 rent if they own one station, $50 for two, $100 for three and $200 for all four. 2 utilities, rent is four times the dice value if one utility is owned, but ten times if both are owned ...
Michael Hudson (economist) - Views - On Prices
... In that case, the final prices charged for goods and services include an "economic rent" component, i.e ... The extraction of property rent is often not clearly visible, because it is disguised as the cost of a "service" ... When the interest and rent component in the cost structure of products becomes large, Hudson thinks one can validly speak of a "rentier capitalism" ...

Famous quotes containing the word rent:

    Underneath the inharmonious and trivial particulars, is a musical perfection, the Ideal journeying always with us, the heaven without rent or seam.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I have been breaking silence these twenty-three years and have hardly made a rent in it.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    We want some coat woven of elastic steel, stout as the first, and limber as the second. We want a ship in these billows we inhabit. An angular, dogmatic house would be rent to chips and splinters, in this storm of many elements. No, it must be tight, and fit to the form of man, to live at all; as a shell is the architecture of a house founded on the sea.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)