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Battle Of Long Tan - Aftermath - Assessment
... regimental strength supported by heavy artillery fire from Nui Dat, before a relief force consisting of cavalry and infantry fought their way through and finally ... Although initial estimates of the Viet Cong force at Long Tan ranged from several companies to a battalion, following the battle Australian intelligence concluded that communist forces had numbered between 1,500 ... The battle established the task force's dominance over the province, and allowed it to pursue operations to restore government authority in Phuoc Tuy ...
Smolensk War - Hostilities - Siege of Smolensk
... Commonwealth forces in Smolensk were composed of the Smolensk garrison (about 1,600 men with 170 artillery pieces under the command of the Voivode of Smolensk, Aleksander Korwin Gosiewski), strengthened ... Using tunnels and mines, his forces damaged a long section of the city wall and one of its towers ... the Commonwealth, under its newly elected King Władysław IV, organised a relief force ...
Battle Of Peking (1900) - Background
... The first attempt to relieve the legations by a force of over 2,000 sailors and marines commanded by British Adm ... On August 4, a second and much larger relief force called the Eight-Nation Alliance marched from Tientsien (Tianjin) toward Peking ... The alliance force consisted of about 18,000 soldiers (4,300 Russian infantry, Cossacks and artillery 8,000 Japanese infantry 3,000 British, mostly Indian infantry, cavalry and artillery 2,500 US soldiers and ...
Battle Of Long Tan - Battle - 12 Platoon Attempts To Link Up With Buick
... Instead, Townsend informed him a relief force consisting of an infantry company mounted in APCs would be dispatched ... a delay of more than an hour from when the relief force had been ordered to ready themselves to the time Roberts was finally allowed to move ... Townsend finally ordered the relief force to move at 1730, having received Jackson's approval for their release ...
Australian Contribution To The Allied Intervention In Russia 1918–1919 - North Russia Relief Force (NRRF), 1919
... Recruiting for the relief force began immediately in England on a voluntary basis and would ultimately include men from every regiment of the British Army, as well as all the ... The North Russian Relief Force (NRRF) subsequently formed two brigades—one under the command of Brigadier General Lionel Sadlier-Jackson, and the other under ... that they were not interested in providing forces for the intervention ...

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    Religion is a great force: the only real motive force in the world; but what you fellows don’t understand is that you must get at a man through his own religion and not through yours.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    [I]t forged ahead to become a full-fledged metropolis, with 143 faro games, 30 saloons, 4 banks, 27 produce stores, 3 express offices—and an arena for bull-and-bear fights, which, described by Horace Greeley in the New York Tribune, is said to have given Wall Street its best-known phrases.
    —For the State of California, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)