Reiner may refer to:

  • Carl Reiner, American film director, screenwriter, actor and father of Rob Reiner
  • Fritz Reiner, early-20th-century American conductor
  • Irving Reiner, American mathematician
  • Jared Reiner, American professional basketball player
  • Markus Reiner, engineer and scientist, one of the founders of rheology
  • Rob Reiner, American film director, screenwriter, actor and son of Carl Reiner
  • Vincentio Reiner (Renieri, Reinieri), a 17th-century Italian astronomer and mathematician
  • Reiner Erlings, a Dutch composer and music producer
  • Reiner Knizia, a board game designer
  • Reiner (crater), a crater on the Moon, named after Vincentio Reiner

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Sally Rogers (character) - Production
... Many of the show's plots were inspired by Reiner's experiences as a writer for Your Show of Shows, but though he based the character of Rob Petrie on himself ... Carl Reiner originally planned to produce and star in the series, which was going to be titled Head of the Family ... The pilot episode was written by Reiner in 1960, but it was unsuccessful ...
Annie Reiner
... Sylvia Anne "Annie" Reiner (born 1957) is an American author, playwright and poet ... She is the daughter of American producer, writer and actor Carl Reiner, and actress Estelle Reiner ... She is the sister of actor and director Rob Reiner ...
Lehrstücke - Bibliography
... Steinweg, Reiner (ed.) ... Steinweg, Reiner ... Steinweg, Reiner Two Chapters from “Learning Play and Epic Theatre” ...
Markus Reiner - Research
... Reiner was not only a major figure in rheology, he along with Eugene C ... rheology, and his publications, he is known for the Buckingham-Reiner Equation, the Reiner-Riwlin Equation, and Reiner-Rivlin fluids, the Deborah number and the Teapot ...