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Reicholzheim in The Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages Reicholzheim had different names: Reicholtsheim, Reichelsheim, Richolfsheim and Richolvesheim. The village then belonged to the land of the count of Wertheim. In 1369 Reicholzheim became part of the lands of the monastery in Bronnbach. There were three other villages beside Reicholzheim that also belonged to Bronnbach.

Reicholzheim was
1573 - 1622 Catholic
1622 - 1628 Lutheran
1628 - 1631 Catholic
1631 - 1634 Lutheran
1635 - 1647 Catholic
1648 - 1674 Lutheran
1674 - 1803 Catholic
The first entry in the baptisimal book of recatholized Reicholzheim is from April 25, 1674. Today the majority of people in Reicholzheim remain Catholic.

In the 12th century the village was subordinated to the county village of the Wertheimer count. After the establishment of the monastery at Bronnbach in the year 1151 Reicholzheim is mentioned as a monastery village. Thus everything in Reicholzeim belongs to the monastery Bronnbach in the year 1285 of count Rudolf. By the sales of the road court in the 1369 also the last right of the Wertheimer count turned everything into the monastery Bronnbach, so that Reicholzheim was now fully subordinate to the monastery of Bronnbach. During the reformation in 1524, Reicholzheim ignored the Reicholzheimer, for 150 years again in came into the possession of the count in Wertheim and thus began an alternation of denomination from Catholic to Evangelist 7 times. Thus the sovereignty over Reicholzheim in the Middle Ages changed again and again between the count von Wertheim and the monastery Bronnbach that to the diocese of Wuerzburg. The lay administration offices of the monastery were accommodated, so e.g. in Reicholzheim the tax collection place of the Wuerzburg diocese. Starting from that 16th. Century played the viticulture of Reicholzheim was of great importance. This was above all the Bronnbachern monks doing, which affected the culture of the village in religious and mental regard. Thus the monastery promoted the viticulture and the agriculture in Reicholzheim and operated in addition in Bronnbach a brewery, brennerei and a mill.

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