Regulatory Reform Act

The Regulatory Reform Act may refer to either of two Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom:

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Unreformed House Of Commons - Movements For Reform
... A reform movement began in the mid-18th century ... Although the Whig party was ambivalent in its attitude to reform, some Whig leaders like Fox and Earl Grey raised the issue many times, but nothing was achieved in the face of Tory resistance ... Between 1815 and 1832 pressure for reform mounted steadily ...
Reform - Re-form
... A note about spelling when used to describe something which is physically formed again, such as re-casting it in a mold/mould, or a band that gets back together, the proper term is re-form (with a hyphen), not "reform". ...
Legislative And Regulatory Reform Act 2006
... The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 (c 51) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom ... It was enacted to replace the Regulatory Reform Act 2001 (RRA) ... The Act was and remains very controversial, because of a perception that it is an Enabling Act substantially removing the ancient British constitutional ...

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