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Lung (Tibetan Buddhism) - Tibetan Medicine
... throughout the Himalayan region, identifies a system of 'The Five Lung' which help to regulate the human body 'Life-grasping lung' (TibetanSrog 'dzin rlung' alt ... This lung regulates swallowing, inhalation, spitting, eructation, sneezing, and generally clearing the senses and steadying of the mind and concentration ... This lung regulates speech, energy to work, body weight, memory, the increase of bodily vigour and health, complexion and the skin lustre, mental endeavour and diligence ...
Examples of Cis-regulatory Elements in RNA
... Frameshift element Regulates alternative frame use with messenger RNAs Archaea, Bacteria, Eukaryota, RNA viruses Iron response element IRE Regulates the expression of iron associated genes Eukaryota ...
Waste Legislation - US Legislation - US Regulatory Bodies
... United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - regulates generation and disposal of hazardous waste United States Department of Transportation (DOT) - regulates transportation of hazardous ...
Illinois Department Of Revenue - Organization
... commissions, as follows The Illinois Gaming Board regulates Illinois casinos - The Illinois Gaming Board/IGB utilizes sworn officers from the Illinois Department of Revenue - Bureau of Criminal Investigations (Special ... The Illinois Racing Board regulates Illinois horse racetracks The Illinois Liquor Control Commission regulates the distribution of alcoholic beverages in Illinois ...
Cord Blood - Regulation
... In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration regulates cord blood under the category of “Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue Based-P ... In the United Kingdom, the Human Tissue Authority ( regulates the cord blood banking ...

Famous quotes containing the word regulates:

    The wise man regulates his conduct by the theories both of religion and science. But he regards these theories not as statements of ultimate fact but as art-forms.
    —J.B.S. (John Burdon Sanderson)

    Man is by nature a pragmatic materialist, a mechanic, a lover of gadgets and gadgetry; and these are qualities that characterize the “establishment” which regulates modern society: pragmatism, materialism, mechanization, and gadgetry. Woman, on the other hand, is a practical idealist, a humanitarian with a strong sense of noblesse oblige, an altruist rather than a capitalist.
    Elizabeth Gould Davis (b. 1910)