Regis or Régis may refer to:

  • Regis (given name)
  • Regis (surname)

  • Regis College, Weston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Regis College, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Regis High School, various
  • Regis University, Denver, Colorado, United States
  • The Regis School of the Sacred Heart, Houston, Texas, United States

  • Regis (place), English places with a Royal connection
  • Regis, Denver, a neighborhood
  • Regis-Breitingen, a town in Leipzig district, Saxony, Germany
  • Lebon Régis, a town and municipality in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil
  • Pedro Régis, a town and municipality in the state of Paraíba in Brazil
  • Rodovia Régis Bittencourt, a Brazilian highway


Regis is Latin for "of the King"

  • Curia regis, Latin for "Royal Council" or "King's court"
  • Vexilla Regis, a sixth-century hymn
  • Aeterni regis, a 1481 bull by Pope Sixtus IV
  • Itinerarium Regis Ricardi, a prose narrative c. 1190
  • Vita Ædwardi Regis, an anonymous history c. 1067

  • Regis (musician), an English electronic music and techno DJ
  • ReGIS, a Remote Graphic Instruction Set used on video terminals produced by Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Regis Corporation, a hair salon chain
  • Regis Learning Solutions, a training and workforce development consultancy in Golden, Colorado
  • The REGIS Mark V, a villain on the cartoon show Megas XLR
  • Regis Rumblebelly, a character in R A Salvatore's Forgotten Realms novels
  • Ed Regis, a character in the film Jurassic Park
  • USS Regis II (SP-1083), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1919

See also
  • Saint Regis, a disambiguation page of things named for the French saint, John Francis Regis
  • Rex, Latin for King
  • Regina, Latin for Queen
  • Regius, Latin "royal" (masculine)
  • Regia, Latin "royal" (feminine)
  • Regium, Latin "royal" (neuter)
  • Regus

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