Regional Postage Stamps of Great Britain - Pictorial Issues

Pictorial Issues

In the late 1990s, new designs were produced for each of the 4 British home nations including (for the first time ever) England. Four values were issued for each nation, firstly Scotland and Wales on 8 June 1999, Northern Ireland on 6 March 2001 and finally, England on 23 April 2001, each showing heraldic and other symbols of the relevant country. These were initially borderless (full-bleed), but in 2003 these were replaced with stamps having white borders. As postal rates have changed, so have the values denominated on some of the stamps. The '2nd' and '1st' values have remained constant, but the 'E' value reverted to 40p initially, and then increased to 42p, 44p, 48p, 50p and 56p. The 64/65p values have been reissued as 68p, 72p, 78p, 81p, 90p and 97p values.

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