Regiment of Patricians - Mutiny of Álzaga and The Patricians Corps

Mutiny of Álzaga and The Patricians Corps

Shortly after its successful baptism of fire of 1807, Saavedra and the patricians made an important new service to the public.

On January 1, 1809 the Cabildo of Buenos Aires, with support from the Spanish military units, tried to replace the viceroy Liniers with a Government Junta headed by Martin de Álzaga and create the "American Spain", before the occupation of Europe by the advancing Napoleonic armies. This was known as the Mutiny of Álzaga. Cornelio Saavedra, with the legion under his command and the native personnel from the other battalions of militias managed to abort the move and ensure the authority of the viceroy, obtaining as a result of these developments the dissolution of the Spanish rebel units prompting the viceroy to reinstate full contol over the military. It also cleared the way for the natives who sought independence.

Four companies were also found involved, the 3rd Battalion, Patricians Legion under Jose Domingo de Urien and some officers of the other two battalions, such as Antonio José del Texo (a captain of one Battalion), Pedro Blanco and José Tomás Boys. Texo Urien was dismissed and sued for trying to kill Saavedra.

On January 13 the same year, as the Legion began to recover, it became the Patricians Corps by Royal orders via the Junta of Seville, and several of its officers received royal promotions. Several of the NCO's were commissioned into Sublieutenants.

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