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South Acton, London - Regeneration - Selecting A Developer
... The area has been described as "a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a completely new sense of place in what should be a high value area of west London.". ...
Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum
... The Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum (SURF) is the independent regeneration network for Scotland ... It seeks to improve regeneration policy and practice and works closely with policy-makers in the Scottish Government and its agencies ... the annual SURF Awards for Best Practice in Community Regeneration, which has been running for 12 years ...
Magic Item (Dungeons & Dragons) - Examples
... A ring of regeneration bestows magical ability of regeneration upon its wearer ... Because of the way that Dungeons Dragons handles regeneration, the wearer is essentially immortal ... Regeneration allows successful reattaching of severed limbs or regrowing them ...
Regeneration - Other Uses
... Regeneration (biology), the ability to recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs Regeneration (theology), the doctrine of being born again Regenerative (design ...
London 2012 Olympic Legacy - Legacy Plans - Strategic Regeneration Framework
... The Strategic Regeneration Framework brings together evidence that shows the six Hosts Boroughs constitute a significant area of deprivation, among the worst in England, and demonstrates a ... is a vital catalyst but is not sufficient in isolation to achieve widespread socio-economic regeneration ... The Strategic Regeneration Framework and Convergence make real the promise in the original bid document that “By staging the Games in this part of the city, the most enduring ...

Famous quotes containing the word regeneration:

    The republic, as I at least understand it, means association, of which liberty is only an element, a necessary antecedent. It means association, a new philosophy of life, a divine Ideal that shall move the world, the only means of regeneration vouchsafed to the human race.
    Giuseppe Mazzini (1805–1872)

    Typically, the hero of the fairy tale achieves a domestic, microcosmic triumph, and the hero of myth a world-historical, macrocosmic triumph. Whereas the former—the youngest or despised child who becomes the master of extraordinary powers—prevails over his personal oppressors, the latter brings back from his adventure the means for the regeneration of his society as a whole.
    Joseph Campbell (1904–1987)