Reform Act

Reform Act may refer to:

  • Reform Act 1832 (England and Wales), which gave representation to previously underrepresented urban areas and extended the qualifications for voting
  • Scottish Reform Act 1832, a similar reform applying to Scotland
  • Irish Reform Act 1832, a similar reform applying to Ireland
  • Reform Act 1867, which widened the franchise and adjusted representation to be more equitable
  • Ballot Act 1872 (sometimes called the "Reform Act of 1872"), which introduced the secret ballot
  • Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Act 1883 (sometimes called the "Reform Act of 1883"), which introduced campaign spending limits
  • Reform Act 1884, which allowed people in counties to vote on the same basis as those in towns. Home ownership was the only qualification
  • Reform Act 1885, which split most multi-member constituencies into multiple single-member ones
  • Reform Act 1918, which abolished property qualifications for men and introduced limited female suffrage
  • Reform Act 1928, which widened suffrage by giving women electoral equality with men

Other articles related to "reform act, act":

Reform Act 1867
... The Representation of the People Act 1867, 31 ... Vict. 102 (known informally as the Reform Act of 1867 or the Second Reform Act) was a piece of British legislation that enfranchised the urban male working class in England ... Before the Act, only one million of the five million adult males in England and Wales could vote the act doubled that number ...
Acts Of The 111th United States Congress - Public Laws - June 2009
... Date enacted Short title Description 111-25 June 2, 2009 Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act Established a commission to honor the hundredth anniversary (in 2011) of the birth ...
Suffolk (UK Parliament Constituency) - History - Abolition
... By the time of the Great Reform Act in 1832, Suffolk had a population of approximately 300,000, It was assumed to have around 5,000 qualified voters, but since no full-b ... (Before the Reform Act there was no permanent register of voters) ... The Great Reform Act raised Suffolk's entitlement from two to four county MPs, while abolishing three of its seven boroughs ...
Breconshire (UK Parliament Constituency) - History
... Like the rest of Wales, Breconshire was given the right to representation by the Act of Union 1536, and first returned an MP to the Parliament of 1542 ... defined by the Forty Shilling Freeholder Act, which gave the right to vote to every man who possessed freehold property within the county valued at £2 or more per year for the purposes of land ... At the time of the Great Reform Act in 1832, Breconshire had a population of approximately 47,800, but the rarity of contested elections makes it difficult to make a reliable estimate of the number ...

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    The will to change begins in the body not in the mind
    My politics is in my body, accruing and expanding with every act of resistance and each of my failures.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)

    ...feminism differs from reform of any kind, even franchise reform. Feminists, I should say, are not reformers at all, but rather intellectual biologists and psychologists.
    Rheta Childe Dorr (1866–1948)