Reference Counting

In computer science, reference counting is a technique of storing the number of references, pointers, or handles to a resource such as an object, block of memory, disk space or other resource. It may also refer, more specifically, to a garbage collection algorithm that uses these reference counts to deallocate objects which are no longer referenced.

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Reference Counting - Examples of Use - Disk Operating Systems
... operating systems maintain a count of the number of references to any particular block or file ... In addition, while references can still be made from directories, some Unixes allow that the referencing can be solely made by live processes, and ...
Resource Acquisition Is Initialization - Resource Management Without RAII - Reference Counting
... Perl and CPython manage object lifetime by reference counting, which makes it possible to use RAII in a limited form ... Objects stored as a global variable and objects with circular references will for instance live indeterminately long ...
Garbage Collection (computer Science) - Reference Counting
... Reference counting is a form of garbage collection whereby each object has a count of the number of references to it ... Garbage is identified by having a reference count of zero ... An object's reference count is incremented when a reference to it is created, and decremented when a reference is destroyed ...
Cocoa (API) - Memory Management
... both vendor and user, are derived, implements a reference counting scheme for memory management ... In this model, the runtime turns Cocoa reference counting operations such as "retain" and "release" into no-ops ... In 2011, the LLVM compiler introduced ARC (Automatic Reference Counting), which replaces the conventional garbage collector by performing static analysis of Objective-C source code and ...

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