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Red Horn (Siouan Deity) - Red Horn in Archaeology - Picture Cave
... of pictographs, including one that has been identified with the Hotcąk spirit Red Horn (Wears Faces on His Ears) ... dated from about 915 AD to 1066 AD, although the age of the "Red Horn" pictograph has so far not been determined ... on the basis of the prosopic earpiece, Duncan connects the main character of this scene with Red Horn ...
Red Horn (Siouan Deity)
... Red Horn is a culture hero in Siouan oral traditions, specifically of the Ioway and Hocąk (Winnebago) nations ... Only in Hocąk literature is he known as "Red Horn" (Hešucka), but among the Ioway and Hocągara both, he is known by one of his variant names, "He Who Wears (Man) Faces on His Ears" ... Elsewhere, he is given yet another name, "Red Man" (Wąkšucka), on account of the fact that his entire body is red from head to toe ...
Southeastern Ceremonial Complex - Cosmology - Birdman - Red Horn and His Sons
... The Red Horn Mythic Cycle is from the Ho Chunk, or Winnebago people ... The mythic cycle of Red Horn and his sons has certain analogies with the Hero Twins mythic cycle of Mesoamerica ... In the episode associated with this name, Red Horn turns into an arrow to win a race ...
Red Horn (Siouan Deity) - Red Horn in Archaeology
... found in or near the SECC area may be of Red Horn, his companions, and his sons ... earpieces, which must have given the wearer an appearance strikingly like that of mythical Red Horn ... may shed light on an obscure name held by Red Horn in his youth, "He Who is Hit with Deer Lungs" ...
List Of Zoids: Chaotic Century Episodes - Season 1 (Chaotic Century)
... Van and Fiona are going through the desert and Fiona gets thrown into a sandpit, as a Red Command Wolf shows up and rescues her ... While all this was happening, Irvine (Red Command Wolf Pilot) shows up and starts to attack the Gordos, with a barrage of headbutts and tackles, but he retreats due to some minor damage ... Then Irvine shows up in his Red Command Wolf and launches an assault in which Van gets caught ...

Famous quotes containing the words horn and/or red:

    The hounding of a dog pursuing a fox or other animal in the horizon may have first suggested the notes of the hunting-horn to alternate with and relieve the lungs of the dog. This natural bugle long resounded in the woods of the ancient world before the horn was invented.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    At her best
    she is all red muscle, humming in and out, cajole
    by time. Where I go, she goes.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)