Recovered Memories

Some articles on recovered memories, memories, recovered:

Susan Clancy - Abducted
... Clancy came to the subject of alien abductions while studying recovered memories, a phenomenon her research has called into question ... Because her original research subjects, people who had recovered memories (generally via hypnosis) of sexual abuse, proved a politically sensitive group to debunk, Clancy decided to aim ... were abducted by aliens, and how they recovered memories of such a thing, while she assumed the factual nature of their claims to be prima facie false ...
Elizabeth Loftus - Biography - Career - The Memory Wars
... the focus of Loftus’ work shifted to investigating whether it was possible to implant false memories for entire events that had never taken place ... her childhood friend, Susan Nason, 20 years earlier, and had only recently recovered it while undergoing therapy ... were also making accusations, both in and out of court, based on recovered memories of trauma ...

Famous quotes containing the words memories and/or recovered:

    Are there memories left that are safe from the clutches of phony anniversarists?
    W.J. (William J.)

    “Promise me solemnly,” I said to her as she lay on what I believed to be her death bed, “if you find in the world beyond the grave that you can communicate with me—that there is some way in which you can make me aware of your continued existence—promise me solemnly that you will never, never avail yourself of it.” She recovered and never, never forgave me.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)