• (adj): Of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of realism.
    Example: "A realistic system of thought"
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Some articles on realistic:

Madden NFL 10 - New Features - Gameplay
... to be involved in tackles, ability to steer tackles, a more realistic pocket around the QB caused by a new blocking system, and QB avoidance actions ... and many more, make players styles more realistic ... – Game speed has been reduced for a more realistic, life like experience ...
... advanced and sophisticated over the years, making the puppets even more realistic and lifelike ... are often used to imitate “muscle” movements, such as limbs to create realistic motions ... and other components to make the figure more realistic ...
Blue Willow - Significance
... Blue Willow has been called "the first social- or realistic-problem novel for children" ... The character of Janey Larkin became a symbol for proponents of realistic fiction for children ... book's publication there was a debate about whether children's literature should be imaginative or realistic ...
Jane's USAF
... The combat flight simulation is a survey simulation featuring photo-realistic graphics and satellite imagery for terrain ... The gameplay is realistic including multi-fight missions, and realistic enemy AI ...
Artificial Vagina - Human Use - Types - Realistic
... Realistic vaginas are made to simulate the natural physiology pubic bones, hair, labia, all natural creases and dimples, etc ... Several realistic vaginas are manufactured with a narrower anal orifice for those users who also like to simulate anal sex ...

More definitions of "realistic":

  • (adj): Representing what is real; not abstract or ideal.
    Example: "Realistic portraiture"; "a realistic novel"
    Synonyms: naturalistic
  • (adj): Aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are.
    Example: "A realistic description"; "a realistic view of the possibilities"; "a realistic appraisal of our chances"; "the actors tried to create a realistic portrayal of the Africans"

Famous quotes containing the word realistic:

    A mother wants all of life to be painless for her child. This is not a realistic goal, however. Deprivation and frustration are as much a part of life as gratification. It is some balance between these that a mother is looking for. To take the next step is always painful in part. It means relinquishing gratification on some level. If one is totally gratified where one is, why move ahead? If one is totally frustrated, why bother?
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)

    Imitation, if it is not forgery, is a fine thing. It stems from a generous impulse, and a realistic sense of what can and cannot be done.
    James Fenton (b. 1949)

    True balance requires assigning realistic performance expectations to each of our roles. True balance requires us to acknowledge that our performance in some areas is more important than in others. True balance demands that we determine what accomplishments give us honest satisfaction as well as what failures cause us intolerable grief.
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)