Reads may refer to:

  • Reads, discount stores selling stationery, books and greetings cards, owned by Eason & Son
  • Reads (comics), the third book in the Mothers and Daughters graphic novel by Dave Sim, and the 10th Cerebus the Aardvark volume

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Minuscule 181 - Text
... In Acts 718 it reads Εγυπτον for Αιγυπτον ... In Acts 1225 it reads απο Ιερουσαλημ (from Jerusalem) along with D, Ψ, 436, 614, 2412, ℓ 147, ℓ 809, ℓ 1021, ℓ 1141, ℓ 1364, ℓ 1439, ar, d, gig, vg, Chrysostom majority ... In Acts 1826 it reads την οδον του θεου along with P74, א, A, B, 33, 88, 326, 436, 614, 2412, ℓ 60, ℓ 1356 ...
Minuscule 436 - Text
... majority of manuscripts reads ... In 1 Corinthians 21 it reads μυστηριον along with 46, א, Α, C, 88, ita,r, syrp, copbo ... Other manuscripts read μαρτυριον or σωτηριον ...
Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation - Methods - MeDIP and High-throughput Sequencing (MeDIP-seq)
... the coupling of MeDIP with next generation, short-read sequencing technologies such as 454, Illumina (company) (Solexa), was first described by Down et al ... methylated DNA fragments produces a large number of short reads (36-50bp or 400 bp, depending on the technology) ... The short reads are aligned to a reference genome using alignment software such as Mapping and Assembly with Quality (Maq), which uses a Bayesian approach ...
Soviet War Memorial (Schönholzer Heide) - Gallery
... The text reads "To eternal memory of the heroes The obelisk seen through the main portal Left side of the opening into the cemetery ... The text reads "Uncover your head! Here are Soviet soldiers, heroes from the great war 1941-1945, laid to eternal rest." Right side of the portal ... The text reads "A grateful humanity never forgets their brave deeds." Stalin quote inside the portal ...

Famous quotes containing the word reads:

    Mothers often are too easily intimidated by their children’s negative reactions...When the child cries or is unhappy, the mother reads this as meaning that she is a failure. This is why it is so important for a mother to know...that the process of growing up involves by definition things that her child is not going to like. Her job is not to create a bed of roses, but to help him learn how to pick his way through the thorns.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)

    What is a diary as a rule? A document useful to the person who keeps it, dull to the contempory who reads it, invaluable to the student, centuries afterwards, who treasures it!
    Ellen Terry (1848–1928)

    The record of one’s life must needs prove more interesting to him who writes it than to him who reads what has been written.
    “I have no name:
    “I am but two days old.”
    What shall I call thee?
    “I happy am,
    “Joy is my name.”
    Sweet joy befall thee!
    William Blake (1757–1827)