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Wing Tsun - Grading System - Student Grades
1st – 4th, Learning fundamentals across the three ranges. 1st – Fundamentals of movement and style, long range engaging, beginning of Siu Nim Tao. 2nd – Long range fighting, with bridging, all of Siu Nim Tao ...
Battle Of Jutland - Night Action and German Withdrawal
... Many of the destroyers failed to make the most of their opportunities to attack discovered ships, despite Jellicoe's expectations that the destroyer forces would ... Instead, it was believed that the fighting was the result of night attacks by German destroyers ... in action with British light forces, at ranges of 3 mi (2.6 nmi 4.8 km) or less, and gunners on the HMS Malaya made ready to fire, but her captain declined ...

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    Leadership does not always wear the harness of compromise. Once and again one of those great influences which we call a Cause arises in the midst of a nation. Men of strenuous minds and high ideals come forward.... The attacks they sustain are more cruel than the collision of arms.... Friends desert and despise them.... They stand alone and oftentimes are made bitter by their isolation.... They are doing nothing less than defy public opinion, and shall they convert it by blows. Yes.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    Compared to football, baseball is almost an Oriental game, minimizing individual stardom, requiring a wide range of aggressive and defensive skills, and filled with long periods of inaction and irresolution. It has no time limitations. Football, on the other hand, has immediate goals, resolution on every single play, and a lot of violence—itself a highlight. It has clearly distinguishable hierarchies: heroes and drones.
    Jerry Mander, U.S. advertising executive, author. Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, ch. 15, Morrow (1978)