Random Naive Bayes

Random naive Bayes extends the Naive Bayes classifier by adopting the random forest principles: random input selection, bagging (i.e. bootstrap aggregating), and random feature selection .

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Random Naive Bayes and Random Forest
... Generalizing Random Forest to Naive Bayes, Random Naive Bayes (Random NB), is a bagged classifier combining a forest of B Naive Bayes ... Each bth Naive Bayes is estimated on a bootstrap sample Sb with m randomly selected features ... observation put the input vector down the B Naive Bayes in the forest ...
Naive Bayes Classifier - Introduction
... In simple terms, a naive Bayes classifier assumes that the presence (or absence) of a particular feature of a class is unrelated to the presence (or absence) of any other feature, given the class variable ... Depending on the precise nature of the probability model, naive Bayes classifiers can be trained very efficiently in a supervised learning setting ... In many practical applications, parameter estimation for naive Bayes models uses the method of maximum likelihood in other words, one can work with the naive Bayes model without believing ...
Bob Jenyns - A Naive Aesthetic
... Of the few critics that have written on Jenyns, most refer to the 'naive' or Outsider Aesthetic evident in his work ... James Gleeson in 1973, for instance, labelled Jenyns as 'pop-naive' and Bernice Murphy believes that Jenyns' approach to form 'is allied to tribal art or direct vernacular forms in ... Secondly, Jenyns has long held an interest in Folk, Naive and outsider art, which has also clearly influenced his style ...
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Naive Bayes Classifier
... A naive Bayes classifier is a simple probabilistic classifier based on applying Bayes' theorem with strong (naive) independence assumptions ...

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