Ramp may refer to:

In science and technology:

  • Inclined plane, a simple machine
  • Wheelchair ramp, an alternative to stairs
  • Ramp function, in mathematics the integral of the unit step function
  • Receptor activity-modifying protein (RAMP), a class of protein
  • Linkspan, on a ferry or a ferry slip


  • Airport ramp, the area where aircraft are loaded and unloaded
  • Entrance ramp, or "on ramp", on a freeway
  • Exit ramp, or "off ramp", on a freeway
  • Speed bumps, called ramps (Irish: rampai) in Ireland


  • Vert ramp and mini ramp, half-pipe structures used in gravity extreme sports
  • Mark Ramprakash, an English cricketer nicknamed "Ramps"


  • RAMP, a soul/jazz group from Cincinnati
  • Ramp (band), a Portuguese heavy metal band
  • Ramp, a 1991 album by Giant Sand
  • "Ramp! (The Logical Song)", German band Scooter's cover of the Supertramp song

Other uses:

  • Ramp (fashion), or runway or catwalk, used by models in a fashion show
  • Ramp (plant), common name for wild leek, Allium tricoccum native to eastern North America
  • Operation Ramp, an Australian Defence Force evacuation of civilians during the 2006 Lebanon War
  • Ramp, West Virginia, an unincorporated community
  • RAMP, simulation software for modelling reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM)

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List Of Unused Highways In Virginia
... may reference a highway or highway ramp that was partially or fully constructed but was unused or later closed ... An unused ramp can be referred to as a stub ramp, stub street, stub-out, or simply stub ...
Mega Ramp
... A mega ramp, or megaramp, is the informal name given to any large-format vert ramp structure used in freestyle BMX and skateboarding ... The name distinguishes a second generation of ramps which became increasingly popular during the 1990s-2000s transition years ... They are so called to distinguish them from the more modest classic ramps used throughout the preceding decades of these sports and which were, at most, half-scale ...
Spessart Ramp
... The Spessart Ramp (Spessartrampe) is a 5.4 km long incline on the Main-Spessart Railway in southern Germany between Laufach at one end and the Schwarzkopf ... The ramp is part of Ludwig's Western Railway and the section from Würzburg via Aschaffenburg to the state border at Kahl am Main was opened on 1 October 1854 by the Royal ... The ramp enabled the difference in height between the Laufach valley and the Lohr valley to be overcome as it crossed the Spessart between Kahl am Main and Aschaffenburg on the one side and Würzburg/Bamberg ...
Seth Enslow - Career - Second Record Attempt
... The venue was long from ideal and had a complicated run up to the ramp ... This meant that as the ramp was pulled back further and further, Seth struggled to get the speed he needed in order to clear the gap ... This led to Seth coming up short of the landing ramp and sending him flying through the air resulting in a broken leg and a concussion ...