Ramón Castilla

Ramón Castilla

Ramón Castilla y Marquesado (Tarapacá, 31 August 1797 – Tiviliche, 25 May 1867) was a Peruvian caudillo and President of Peru four times. His earliest prominent appearance in Peruvian history began with his participation in a commanding role of the army of the Libertadores that helped Peru become an independent nation. Later, he led the country when the economy boomed due to the exploitation of guano deposits. Castilla's government abolished slavery and modernized the state.

He assumed the presidency for the first time after general Domingo Nieto's death for a short period in 1844, then in 1845 until 1851, again from 1855 to 1862 and, finally, during a brief period in 1863.

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... commanders such as the Chilean Manuel Bulnes Prieto and the Peruvian Ramon Castilla ... Bolivia would once again invade Peru but, without Gamarra, Ramon Castilla became the most prominent military figure of Peru and troops were soon dispatched for the defensive ... The political leadership of Ramon Castilla in Peru would further bring peaceful relations with Chile ...
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