Radiant Flux

In radiometry, radiant flux or radiant power is the measure of the total power of electromagnetic radiation (including infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light). The power may be the total emitted from a source, or the total landing on a particular surface.

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Radiant Flux - Units
... The SI unit of radiant flux is the watt (W), which has dimensions of energy/time or, in SI units joules/second ... SI radiometry units v t e Quantity Unit Dimension Notes Radiant energy Qe joule J M⋅L2⋅T−2 energy Radiant flux Φe watt W M⋅L2⋅T−3 radiant energy per unit time, also called radiant power ... Spectral power Φeλ watt per metre W⋅m−1 M⋅L⋅T−3 radiant power per wavelength ...
Incandescent Light Bulb - Efficiency and Environmental Impact
... The radiant luminous efficacy (LER) is the ratio of the visible light flux emitted (the luminous flux) to the total power radiated over all wavelengths ... The source luminous efficacy (LES) is the ratio of the visible light flux emitted (the luminous flux) to the total power input to the source, such ... at stimulating the human eye the luminous efficacy of radiant energy (LER) is a measure of how well the distribution of energy matches the perception of the eye ...
Spectral Power Distribution
... per unit wavelength of an illumination (radiant exitance), or more generally, the per-wavelength contribution to any radiometric quantity (radiant energy, radiant flux, radiant intensity, radiance ... for the spectral power distribution of a radiant exitance or irradiance one may write where is the spectral irradiance (or exitance) of the light (SI units W/m3 ...
Measuring Instrument - Rays ("waves" and "particles") - Light and Radiation Without A Rest Mass, Non-ionizing - Radiant Flux
... The measure of the total power of light emitted ... Integrating sphere for measuring the total radiant flux of a light source ...
Photometry (optics) - Photometric Quantities - Photometric Versus Radiometric Quantities
... of parallel quantities include Luminance (photometric) and radiance (radiometric) Luminous flux (photometric) and radiant flux (radiometric) Luminous intensity (photometric) and radiant ... so a green source will have greater luminous flux than a red source with the same radiant flux would ... Radiant energy outside the visible spectrum does not contribute to photometric quantities at all, so for example a 1000 watt space heater may put out a great deal of radiant flux (100 ...

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    His talk was like a spring, which runs
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