Radiant Exitance

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Spectral Power Distribution
... power per unit area per unit wavelength of an illumination (radiant exitance), or more generally, the per-wavelength contribution to any radiometric quantity (radiant ... Mathematically, for the spectral power distribution of a radiant exitance or irradiance one may write where is the spectral irradiance (or exitance) of the light (SI units W/m3 = kg/(m·s3)) is the ... to express the wavelength of light in terms of nanometers spectral exitance would then be expressed in units of W·m−2·nm−1.) The approximation ...
Radiant Intensity
... In radiometry, radiant intensity is a measure of the intensity of electromagnetic radiation ... The SI unit of radiant intensity is watts per steradian (W·sr−1) ... Radiant intensity is distinct from irradiance and radiant exitance, which are often called intensity in branches of physics other than radiometry ...

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