Radial can refer to:

  • Vector (geometric), a line
  • Radius, adjective form of
  • A radial pattern is one that appears to radiate from a point, like the spokes from the hub of a wheel
  • A bearing from a waypoint, such as a VOR
  • Radial (radio), used to determine average elevation above mean sea level within a radio station's coverage area
  • Radial artery
  • Radial axle on a locomotive or carriage
  • Radial engine
  • Radial nerve
  • Radial symmetry, one of the types of distribution of body parts or shapes in biology
  • Radial tire
  • Radius (bone), a bone of the forearm
  • Radial set

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Sailing At The 2008 Summer Olympics – Women's Laser Radial Class
... Women's Laser Radial class competition at the 2008 Summer Olympic regatta took place from August 12 to 19 in Qingdao, at the Qingdao International Marina. 28 sailors competed in this Laser Radial single-handed dinghy racing series ...
Toronto Radial Lines
... Toronto radial lines refer to all of these now defunct interurban lines radiating from Toronto ... North Yonge Railways Toronto and York Radial Railway Toronto and Scarboro' Electric Railway, Light and Power Company Toronto and Mimico Electric Railway and Light ...
Superficial Branch Of Radial Nerve
... The superficial branch of the radial nerve passes along the front of the radial side of the forearm to the commencement of its lower third ... It lies at first slightly lateral to the radial artery, concealed beneath the Brachioradialis ...
Color Gradient - Radial Gradients
... A radial gradient is specified as a circle that has one color at the edge and another at the center ... Both CSS and SVG support radial gradients ...
Lawrance J-1 - Development
... powered the Penguin trainers, and the Lawrance L-1 60 hp Y-type radial ... developing their L-1 onto a nine-cylinder radial engine, which became the 200 hp Model J-1 ... pressuring Wright and other companies into developing radial engines, it gave a contract to Lawrance for 200 of the J-1 radial and ceased buying the liquid-cooled Wright-Hispano engines ...