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Milijonar Z Jonasom - Gameplay Rules - New Formats and Variations - 12-question Format
13, 2007, it was announced that the UK version was changing its format, reducing the number of questions that a contestant must answer in order to reach the £1 million jackpot ... rather than £100, and the total number of questions was reduced from 15 to 12 ... The 12-question format was subsequently carried over to a number of international versions, including the Arab version (January 2010), the Bulgarian version (January 2008), the ...
Milijonar Z Jonasom - Table of International Versions
... Host Network Top prize Premiere Ended Current/last used format Afghanistan (Pashto) څوك غواري چې شي میلیونر؟ Aryan Khan Najeeba Faiz Shamshad TV ATN Af.1,000,000 October 17. 2007 ... Original format Bangladesh কে হতে চায় কোটিপতি Asaduzzaman Noor Desh TV ৳10,000,000 July 10, 2011 Original format Belgium (French) Qui. 1,000,000 2008 ... Original format Belgium (Dutch) Wie wordt multimiljonair? Walter Grootaers VTM 20,000,000BEF 2002 ... Original format Wie wordt euromiljonair? €1,000,000 ...

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