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The game's main characters and bosses are:

Brian — The protagonist of the game, Brian is a young boy who has set out to save his father. He lives at Melrode Monastery and is an apprentice magician with the ability to use Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth magic. The protagonist's name in the Japanese version is Jean-Jacques (ジャンジャック?), while he is called Ayron in PAL region releases

Lord Bartholomy — Brian's father and Master Spirit Tamer. He lives at Melrode Monastery and set out to recover the stolen Eletale Book, but has been missing for a month.

Leonardo — Another apprentice magician who appears at Normoon and at Brannoch Castle near the end of the game. Though not a main character, he still manages to help Brian by providing healing items in a room within Brannoch Castle.

Leila — The guardian of Larapool, the city of water. She has the ability to control the water flow of the city, thus giving Brian access to Larapool's entrance to Blue Cave.

Colleen — A Sorceress who has protected the Water Jewel for generations is the only inhabitant of the Isle of Skye; her home is connected to Epona's home.

Epona — The mysterious seer who resides in the Blue Cave; her connection to the Isle of Skye gives Brian access to the Water Jewel. Later on, her powers allow her to enter Mammon's Dimension at the end of the game to provide aid to Brian.

King Scottfort — King of Kenneshire, he rules over Dondoran Castle in Dondoran.

Queen Deanna — Queen of Carmagh, rules over Limelin Castle in Limelin and rules alone due to the death of her husband.

Prince William — The son of Queen Deanna and the crowned prince of Limelin.

King Beigis — Militant and power-hungry king of Highland, rules over Brannoch Castle in Brannoch Castle Town.

Fargo — Arsonist and thief who stole the Fire Ruby.

Nepty — Female Magician and thief who stole the Water Jewel. She has blue hair and wears a blue outfit.

Zelse — Magician in a group of vagabonds in Normoon and thief who stole the Wind Jade.

Solvaring — Self-proclaimed "King of the Beasts" and thief who stole the Earth Orb from the King of Dondoran.

Mammon — The demonic embodiment of greed who attempts to trick Brian into releasing him from his prison so that he may seek to possess the powers of the human spirit.

Shilf — Mammon's assistant, hiding in Baragoon Tunnel. She has red hair, wears a red cocktail dress and walks seductively.

Shannon — A puppet created by Mammon for the sole purpose of leading Brian around the world to collect the Elemental Gems, and who, near the end of the game, threatens to kill Brian's father, Bartholomy, unless Brian kills King Beigis and opens the World of Mammon.

GuiltyKing Beigis' monstrous looking apprentice. He has made Brannoch Castle Town chaotic with his magic experiments.

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