Queen Mother

Queen mother is a title or position reserved for a widowed queen consort (a queen dowager) whose son or daughter from that marriage is the reigning monarch. The term has been used in English since at least 1577. It arises in hereditary monarchies in Europe, and is also used to describe a number of similar yet distinct monarchical concepts in non-European cultures around the World.

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... and so come up with a fake one that they try pass onto them, one about the late Queen Mother having been replaced with a lookalike during WWII, with Albert acting as the son of the ... the situation becomes complicated when Mickey is captured by MI5 for his lies against the Queen Mother, and warned that if he carries on, it may not be worth living for ... the matter worsens when the editor wants a DNA test, forcing the team to plant some on one of the Queen Mother's items in Buckingham Palace. ...
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... The title of Queen mother can relate to the rank of a paramount queen, a queen or a sub-queen ... When using English, Ghanaians say “queen mother” ... This woman is not necessarily the respective chief's mother ...
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... However, Princess Margaret, Elizabeth II, and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother all became regular customers of hers ... She was later granted the Royal warrants of Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother in recognition of her services ... She created light and airy hats for the Queen Mother lavishly trimmed with flowers and feathers ...
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... The Dutch queens Wilhelmina and Juliana used the style Princess after their abdication. ...

Famous quotes containing the words mother and/or queen:

    I’ve been described as a tough and noisy woman, a prize fighter, a man-hater, you name it. They call me Battling Bella, Mother Courage, and a Jewish mother with more complaints than Portnoy. There are those who say I’m impatient, impetuous, uppity, rude, profane, brash, and overbearing. Whether I’m any of those things, or all of them, you can decide for yourself. But whatever I am —and this ought to be made very clear—I am a very serious woman.
    Bella Abzug (b. 1920)

    “Speak when you’re spoken to!” the Queen sharply interrupted her.
    “But if everybody obeyed that rule,” said Alice, who was always ready for a little argument, “and if you only spoke when you were spoken to, and the other person always waited for you to begin, you see nobody would ever say anything, so that—”
    Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] (1832–1898)