A python is a constricting snake belonging to the Python (genus), or, more generally, any snake in the family Pythonidae (containing the Python genus).

Python may also refer to:

In ancient Greece:

  • Python (mythology), serpent, the earth-dragon of Delphi
  • Python of Byzantium, orator, diplomat of Philip II of Macedon
  • Python of Catana, poet who accompanied Alexander the Great
  • Python of Aenus, student of Plato

In computing:

  • Python (programming language), a computer programming language
  • CPython, the reference implementation of the Python programming language
  • Python, a native code compiler for CMU Common Lisp

In military:

  • Colt Python, a .357 Magnum caliber revolver
  • Python missile, a series of Israeli air-to-air missiles

In media:

  • Python (film), a 2000 horror film by Richard Clabaugh
  • Python II, the 2002 sequel to the above film
  • Monty Python, a British comedy troupe

Roller coasters:

  • Python (Busch Gardens Tampa Bay), a defunct roller coaster at Busch Gardens Africa
  • Python (Coney Island)
  • Python (Efteling), a roller coaster in Efteling, the Netherlands


  • Armstrong Siddeley Python, an early turboprop engine
  • Python Automobile, a sports car

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