PUSH (university Guide)

PUSH (university Guide)

Push is a British media organisation that offers information to university applicants and students in the United Kingdom.

Its flagship is now the website Push.co.uk, which features profiles of every UK university, advice about choosing a university and student finance, and a tool called the 'Uni Chooser' which allows users to create a shortlist of suitable universities sorted according to a large variety of criteria. Push describes itself as "the ruthlessly independent guide to UK universities" and uses the tagline "Push… like it is".

Previously, Push published a range of books including The Push Guide to Which University, The Push Guide to Money and The Push Guide to Choosing a University, but these are now out of print and their content has been updated, extended and incorporated into the Push website. In association with various sponsors, Push also conducts an annual tour of schools and sixth-form colleges, delivering guidance talks and reaching around 200 institutions each year.

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