Push, Nevada - Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

  • Jim Prufrock: a mild-mannered IRS agent who travelled to Push, Nevada to investigate a fax that was accidentally sent to his office.
  • Mary Sloman: a 'Slo-dancer' at the local bar who seems to have a great interest in Jim's well-being.
  • Grace: Jim's enigmatic secretary at the IRS.
  • Silas Bodnick: a rude, little, bald man who's been skimming approximately a million dollars from the Versailles Casino each year. He's involved with Watermark LLC, but has no idea how powerful they really are.
  • Dwight Sloman: a crooked businessman, owner of many of Push's establishments (including the Versailles Casino, and the Slo-Dance Bar), and as we find out later, he is Mary's incestuous father.
  • Caleb Moore: body-temp-deficient local who helps Bodnick steal the money and Bible from the Versailles safe.
  • BRB: a strange truck driver, who picks up Jim in the desert after his car breaks down. BRB is also involved with Watermark.
  • Job: an "honest mechanic" in the town of Push. He tows and fixes Jim's car after it breaks down - - for free.
  • Martha: the owner and operator of Martha's Boarding House. She seems to have known Jim's father, Alfred, from her Slo-Dancing days.
  • Ira Glassman: Jim's boss at the IRS. Ira is a Yes-man. He does what he's told by his superiors, and apparently cannot think for himself.
  • Sheriff Gaines: a moron. His idiocy could be the result of blind obedience to the Watermark boys. Clearly, they control him.
  • Dawn: at first, Dawn appears to be a flakey, quirky Sheriff's Deputy. Later, we learn she is an agent from the U.S. Treasury, investigating Dwight Sloman.
  • Shadrack: an eccentric, desert artist. Shadrack used to be a city official in Push, before Watermark took over. He also used to know Jim's father, as well.
  • Darlene: Jim's soon to be ex-wife. She has more addictions than she has money, so between drunken one-night-stands, she calls Jim for more money, which he actually sends. Later, Watermark does their voo-doo on Darlene, and she transforms herself into the perfect little house-wife, trying to woo Jim back into her arms (and out of Push, Nevada).
  • Delilah: a former Slo-Dancer, now BRB's wife. She's under Watermark's mind-control, but senses there is something wrong with her own behavior.
  • Oswald Wilkes: Silas Bodnick's killer (with the serpent tattoo).
  • The Well Dressed Men: those three expensive suited, Lexus driving corporate-thugs. They are the go-between for Watermark and Dwight Sloman. They handle Watermark's Public Relations, as well, through persuasive suggestion.
  • Michael Sudris: Job's tattoo-artist friend (Finally, thanks to the Push Experiment book that still lingers in cyberspace, we know his name). He tattoos Jim's back with, "Death & Taxes". He couldn't handle the mind-control attempts of Watermark when they first began in Push. He flipped out one day, and moved to Demonhead Flatts in his trailer/tattoo parlor, to smoke peyote, and never watch TV again.

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