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Pulse Oximetry - History
... The original oximeter was made by Glenn Allan Millikan in the 1940s ... The concept is similar to today's conventional pulse oximetry but was hard to implement because of unstable photocells and light sources ... In 1964 Shaw assembled the first absolute reading ear oximeter by using eight wavelengths of light ...
Masimo - FDA Clearance For CCHD Screening
... FDA 510(k) clearance for Masimo Signal Extraction Technology® (SET®) pulse oximeters, rainbow® SET® Pulse CO-Oximeters®, and neonatal sensors with labeling for screening newborns ... first time the FDA cleared specific labeling indicating the use of pulse oximeters, in conjunction with a physical exam, to screen newborns for CCHD ...
Pulse Oximetry - Indication - Advantages
... A pulse oximeter is useful in any setting where a patient's oxygenation is unstable, including intensive care, operating, recovery, emergency and hospital ward settings, pilots in unpressurized aircraft, for ... Although a pulse oximeter is used to monitor oxygenation, it cannot determine the metabolism of oxygen, or the amount of oxygen being used by a patient ... However, the use of a pulse oximeter to detect hypoventilation is impaired with the use of supplemental oxygen, as it is only when patients breathe room air that abnormalities in respiratory ...
Sonification - History
... has a tube of low-pressure gas each particle detected produces a pulse of current when it ionizes the gas, producing an audio click ... In the 1980s, pulse oximeters came in to widespread use ... Pulse oximeters can sonify oxygen concentration of blood by emitting higher pitches for higher concentrations ...

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