Puffer may mean:

  • Inhaler, a medical device used for delivering medication into the body via the lungs
  • Pufferfish, a type of fish which can inflate itself as a defence mechanism
  • Clyde puffer, a type of cargo ship used in the Clyde estuary and off the west coast of Scotland
  • USS Puffer, two submarine vessels of the United States Navy
  • Puffer train (cellular automaton), a class of patterns in automata such as Conway's Game of Life.
  • Puffer, an enemy from the Metroid series
  • Puffer, a type of circuit breaker
  • Puffer, name for a particular type of German Wheellock pistol, usually from Nuremberg or Augsburg
  • Supercharger for a motor car engine
  • Puffer machine, used to detect explosives
  • PUFfeR (Peninsula Ultra Fun Run), a Trail Running Ultra-marathon.

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Checkered Puffer - Potentially Misidentified Species
... Several species of puffers inhabit the waters of the IRL ... testudineus, three other Florida puffer species belong to the genus Sphoeroides are found in the IRL ... These include the northern puffer, S ...
Blowfish - Human Interaction - Poisoning - Philippines
... Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources issued a warning not to eat puffer fish after local fishermen died upon consuming puffer fish for dinner ... The warning indicated that puffer fish toxin is 100 times more potent than cyanide ...
Alfred Puffer
... Puffer (1840 - July 1, 1875) was Deputy Collector of Customs at the United States Customs House in New York City ... During the American Civil War Puffer served on the staff of General Benjamin F ... Puffer died suddenly of apoplexy at his 24th Street, Manhattan, New York residence, in 1875 ...
Threetooth Puffer
... The threetooth puffer, Triodon macropterus, is a tetraodontiform fish, the only living species in the genus Triodon and family Triodontidae ... The threetooth puffer reaches a maximum length of 54 centimetres (21 in) ...
Tetraodon Sabahensis
... Also called the "Giant Spotted Puffer" or the "Saba Puffer" the juvenile fish look much like the T ... nigroviridis, the "Green Spotted Puffer" and both can live 15 years in an aquarium ... Though the Giant Green Spotted Puffer seems to prefer a much lower salinity as an adult ...