Pucci may refer to:

  • Members of the Pucci family, a major Florentine political family
    • Antonio di Puccio Pucci (c. 1350–1416), Florentine politician and architect
    • Puccio Pucci (politician) (1389–1449), Florentine politician, son of Antonio
    • Lorenzo Pucci (1458–1531), Italian cardinal
    • Roberto Pucci (1462–1547), Italian cardinal
    • Antonio Pucci (cardinal) (1485–1544), Italian cardinal
    • Francesco Pucci (politician) (Florence 1437–1518), Florentine politician
    • Pandolfo Pucci (died 2 January 1560), responsible for the Pucci plot
    • Orazio Roberto Pucci (Florence, 1625–1698), first Marchese di Barsento
    • Emilio Pucci (Naples 1914 - Florence 1992), fashion designer and politician
    • Puccio Pucci, sports official
  • Antonio Pucci (poet) (c. 1310–1388), Florentine poet
  • Antonio Maria Pucci (1819–1892), Italian saint
  • Antonio Pucci (driver) (1923–2009), Italian race driver
  • Cindy Pucci, American model
  • Enrico Pucci, fictional character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Francesco Pucci (archbishop), archbishop of Pisa in 1362
  • Francesco Pucci (humanist) (Florence, 1436–1512), ally of Poliziano, active in the milieu of the Neapolitan Aragonese
  • Francesco Pucci (patrizio of Catania) - patrizio of Catania in 1860
  • Lou Taylor Pucci (born 1985), American actor
  • Michael Pucci, professional payroll consultant in 2010
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