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1725 In Poetry - Works Published - United Kingdom
... Joseph Addison, Miscellanies, in Verse and Prose, posthumously published Henry Baker, Original Poems Serious and Humorous (see also, The Second Part of ... Dodington, April), 4 (To Sir Spencer Compton, June) each published this year (Part 5, On Women, February 1727 Part 6, On Women, February 1728 Satire the Last ... To Sir Robert Walpole, 1726 published together as Love of Fame The Universal Passion, in Seven Characteristical Satires ...
1735 In Poetry - Works Published - United Kingdom
... Addison, London Printed by John Watts Jane Brereton, Merlin, published anonymously "By a lady" Henry Brooke, Universal Beauty Robert Dodsley, Beauty or, The Art of Charming ... Arbuthnot (sometimes called "Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot"), published this year, although the book states "1734" Of the Characters of Women, the second of Pope's "Mor ... Literary Correspondence for Thirty Years, 1704 to 1734, first three volumes published this year, called "Volume the First", etc ...

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    For with this desire of physical beauty mingled itself early the fear of death—the fear of death intensified by the desire of beauty.
    Walter Pater 1839–1894, British writer, educator. originally published in Macmillan’s Magazine (Aug. 1878)