Pterygoid (/ˈtɛrɪɡɔɪd/; from the Greek for 'winglike') can refer to:

  • Pterygoid bone, a bone of the palate of many vertebrates
  • Pterygoid processes of the sphenoid bone
    • Lateral pterygoid plate
    • Medial pterygoid plate
  • a muscle such as Lateral pterygoid muscle or Medial pterygoid muscle
  • a branch of the Mandibular nerve

Other articles related to "pterygoid":

Lateral Pterygoid Plate
... The lateral pterygoid plate of the sphenoid (or lateral lamina of pterygoid process) is broad, thin, and everted its lateral surface forms part of the medial ...
Pterygoid Fovea
... The pterygoid fovea (occasionally called pit or depression) is a concave surface on the uppermost medial side of the ramus of the mandible ... behind the mandibular notch and below of the condyloid process, the pterygoid fovea is located on the anterior surface of the neck of the mandible and serves for ... Not to be confused with the pterygoid fossa of the sphenoid bone ...
Masticatory Force - Masticatory Muscles
... Jaw elevators the masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, and superior belly of the lateral pterygoid Jaw depressors the anterior digastrics, geniohyoid, mylohyoid and inferior belly of the lateral pterygoid ...
Sphenoidal Process Of Palatine Bone
... The superior surface articulates with the root of the pterygoid process and the under surface of the sphenoidal concha, its medial border reaching as far as the ala of ... portion the former is rough, for articulation with the medial pterygoid plate the latter is smooth, and forms part of the pterygopalatine fossa ... expense of the outer table, articulates with the medial pterygoid plate ...