PTE may refer to:

  • CVH-PTE Engine, an engine produced by the Ford Motor Company
  • Partido de los Trabajadores de Ecuador, the Workers' Party of Ecuador
  • Partido del Trabajo de España, the Party of Labour of Spain
  • Passenger transport executive, a local government body responsible for public transport in the United Kingdom
  • PicturesToExe, professional slideshow software
  • Performance testing environment
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Phosphotriesterase, an enzyme
  • Portuguese escudo, the former official currency of Portugal
  • Post-traumatic epilepsy, recurrent seizures that result from head trauma
  • Power Tab Editor
  • Prairie Theatre Exchange, a theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Phantom Transfer Engine PTE – Phantom Transfer Engine software
  • Pressure-tolerant electronics, components that operate satisfactorily under high pressure, such as in submarines
  • Private (rank) (Pte), an abbreviation used in Commonwealth countries
  • University of Pécs (Pécsi Tudományegyetem), Hungary
  • Pishgaman Towse Ertebatat (PTE), Tehran, Iran

Other articles related to "pte":

... LANStar was originally to be a component of NT's PTE (Packet Transport Equipment) product, which was a sort of minicomputer arrangement with dumb (VT220) terminals on the desktop and the CPUs in an intelligent rack ... The PTE was to have several basic office automation apps word processing, database, etc ... Just as NT was doing Beta testing of the PTE, PCs and PC networking took off, effectively killing the PTE before it completed Beta ...
Superbrands Council - S - Singapore
... Rod Pullen, Group CEO, Batey (Pte) Ltd Mark Austin, Chairman CEO, CIA Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd Fredrik Janson, Regional Marketing Director, Electrolux SEA Pte Ltd ...
S2S Pte. Ltd. - History
1997 as an artist management and production house- S2S Pte Ltd ... S2S Pte Ltd is the head office for all business functions, such as the duties of communication, liaising and licensing on the behalf of S2S Inc, Japan ... S2S Pte Ltd has managed to build a very strong network across Asia ...
PTE General
... PTE General (formerly known as the London Tests of English) are international English language exams for speakers of English as a foreign language (EFL) ... PTE General are theme-based exams designed to test how well a learner can communicate in authentic and realistic situations, and not on how well they ... CEFR level PTE General Exam time C2 Proficient Level 5 2h55 C1 Advanced Level 4 2h30 B2 Upper Intermediate Level 3 2h B1 Intermediate Level 2 1h35 A2 Elementary Level 1 1h30 A1 Foundation ...