The three letter abbreviation PSR may refer to:

  • Abruzzo International Airport (IATA airport code)
  • Pacific School of Religion
  • The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research
  • Panel Self-Refresh, a power-saving feature for display panels
  • Permanent Speed Limit on British railways. In America Slow Zone
  • Philmont Scout Ranch A working ranch in New Mexico, operated by the Boy Scouts of America
  • Phrase structure rule
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Pines Springs Ranch A Seventh day-Adventist retreat and summer camp
  • Police Service Representative, an LAPD dispatcher
  • Portuguese Sign Language (ISO 639-3 language code)
  • Posthumous sperm retrieval
  • Potential support ratio
  • Precision Sniper Rifle
  • Predictive State Representation
  • Price/sales ratio
  • Project Status Report
  • Primary surveillance radar
  • Principle of sufficient reason
  • Pseudorabies
  • Pulsar, a kind of star
  • Revolutionary Socialist Party (Portugal)
  • Socialist Revolutionary Party
  • Presentence report
  • Pioneer Scout Reservation A boy Scout camp in northwest Ohio
  • PHP Specification Request

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Timing Noise - Nomenclature
... the letter code became unwieldy, and so the convention then arose of using the letters PSR (Pulsating Source of Radio) followed by the pulsar's right ascension and degrees of declination (e.g ... PSR 0531+21) and sometimes declination to a tenth of a degree (e.g ... PSR 1913+167) ...
PSR B1257+12 D
... PSR B1257+12 (PSR 1257+12), is a pulsar located 1000 light years from the Sun ... In 2007, it was confirmed that three extrasolar planets orbit the pulsar ...
Social Republican Party - Political Infighting
... The PSR's Secretary-General, Hang Thun Hak, was made Prime Minister in his place, but was to be forced out in early 1973 after a period of increasingly poor outcomes for the Republic in the Cambodian Civil War ... a period in which In Tam served in the post, PSR member Long Boret was made Prime Minister in late 1973 ... Lon Non attempted to strengthen his influence on the PSR, but was forced into exile in September 1973 ...