PSF is a three-letter abbreviation or three-letter acronym (TLA) that may stand for:

  • French Social Party (Parti Social Français)
  • French Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste Français)
  • Palestinian Popular Struggle Front
  • Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
  • Peoples Students Federation
  • Pharmaciens Sans Frontières
  • Phelps-Stokes Fund
  • Physical Storage Format a data format for navigation data
  • Pittsfield Municipal Airport (IATA airport code: PSF)
  • Point spread function
  • Portable Sound Format
  • Posterior Spinal fusion
  • Pounds per square foot, a measure of pressure; see also Pounds per square inch
  • Premium Standard Farms, Inc
  • Pressed Steel Fisher
  • Price per square foot
  • Progressive segmented Frame
  • Prolate spheroidal wave functions
  • Protein Segment Finder
  • Protein structure file for molecular dynamics, a Chemical file format
  • Provisional Sinn Féin
  • Public Security Forces the Bahraini principal law enforcement arm of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Python Software Foundation
  • P.S.F. Records, a record label

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Ché-Shizu - Discography
... Gekkan Kaeru, 1992) Nazareth (ナザレ) CD (PSF, 1993) A Journey CD (PSF, 1994) Live 1996 Suisho CD (PSF, 1997) Glimmering Star (瞬きの星) LP (Aleutian Retto, 1999 ...
Success Likelihood Index Method - SLIM Methodology - 4. Ideal Point Elicitation and Scaling Calculations
... The “ideal” rating for each PSF is then selected on the scale constructed ... The ideal is the point at which the PSF least degrades performance – for instance both low and high time pressure may contribute to increasing the chance of failure ... This is done for all PSF’s until the experts are agreed that the list of PSF’s is exhausted and that all the scale positions identified are correctly positioned ...
Jutok Kaneko - Discography
... Rotting Telepathies, w/Michio Kadotani (PSF, 1991) Endless Ruins LP/CD (PSF, 2001) Kousokuya LP (Ray Night Music, 1991 CD reissue, PSF, 2003) V.A ... Tokyo Flashback (PSF, 1991) V.A ... Tokyo Flashback 2 (PSF, 1992) The Dark Spot, w/ Masayoshi Urabe (PSF, 1997) Live Gyakuryu Kokuu (PSF, 2004) First Live 1979 Kichijoji Minor (PSF, 2006) ...
Success Likelihood Index Method - SLIM Methodology - 2. Elicitation of PSFs
... are then asked to highlight the low and high end-points of the identified PSF i.e ... the optimality of the PSF in the context of the given task ... For example the PSF may be Time Pressure and therefore the end points of the scale would perhaps be “High level of pressure” to “Low level of pressure” ...