Procedure may refer to:

  • Procedure (term)
  • Medical procedure
  • Instructions or recipes, a set of commands that show how to prepare or make something
  • Standard Operating Procedure, a step-by-step instruction to achieve a desired result, used in industry and military
  • Legal procedure, the body of law and rules used in the administration of justice in the court system, including—
    • Civil procedure
    • Criminal procedure
    • Administrative procedure
  • Parliamentary procedure, a set of rules governing meetings.
  • In computer science, procedure, also known as function, routine, or subprogram

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Stapedectomy Vs. Stapedotomy
... In particular, stapedotomy procedure greatly reduces the chance of a perilymph fistula (leakage of cochlear fluid) ... Because it is a simpler and safer procedure, stapedotomy is normally preferred to stapedectomy in the absence of predictable complications ... success rate of either surgery depends greatly on the skill and the familiarity with the procedure of the surgeon ...
Competitive Mock Trial - Procedure
... Once all of the witnesses have been examined, the trial moves to closing arguments ... The prosecutor/plaintiff again goes first ...
Congressional Debate - Procedure - Chambers and Sessions
... Time-wise, a tournament is divided into several sessions, each of which are several hours long ... If a tournament lasts several days, there is often one session on the first night of debate, followed by several more on the subsequent day ...
Harbour (software) - Syntax and Semantics - Procedures/Functions
... PROCEDURE SomeProcedureName PROCEDURE SomeProcedureName PROCEDURE SomeProcedureName( Param1' ) INIT PROCEDURE SomeProcedureName EXIT PROCEDURE SomeProcedureName FUNCTION ... Both Procedures and Functions may be qualified by the scope qualifier STATIC to restrict their usage to the scope of the module where defined ... INIT or EXIT optional qualifiers, will flag the procedure to be automatically invoked just before calling the application startup procedure, or just after quitting the application ...
Envy-free - Three Players - Moving Knife Procedure
... The drawback of moving-knife procedures is that they cannot be translated into discrete queries to the players involved in the procedure ... The Stromquist moving-knife procedure is a solution to the envy-free problem for three players ...