Proc may refer to:

  • proc filesystem, a special file system (typically mounted to /proc) in Unix-like operating systems for accessing process information
  • ALGOL 68#proc: Procedures
  • Proč, a village in eastern Slovakia
  • The People's Republic of China, often abbreviated PROC or PRC
  • Proč?, a 1987 Czech film

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Synthetic File System - Examples - /proc Filesystem
... In the Unix-world, there is commonly a special filesystem mounted at /proc ... /proc first appeared in Unix 8th Edition, and its functionality was greatly expanded in Plan 9 from Bell Labs ...
PROC Procedure Language
... PROC is the name of Pick operating system's procedure language ... PROC is comparable to a UNIX shell script or a DOS/Windows batch file, and has similar features such as control-flow constructs, file manipulation, subroutine calls, and terminal ... The PROC language itself consists of terse macro commands ...