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Power Pro Kun Pocket Series - Games in The Series - Main Series
... Power Pro Kun Pocket (GB) - 1 April, 1999 Power Pro Kun Pocket 2 (GB) - 30 March, 2000 Power Pro Kun Pocket 3 (GBA) - 21 March, 2001 Power Pro Kun Pocket 4 (GBA) - 20 March, 2002 Power Pro Kun Pocket 5 (GBA) - 23 ...
Power Pro Kun Pocket Series
... Power Pro Kun Pocket series (パワプロクンポケットシリーズ, abbrv ... パワポケ), sometimes simply called Pawapoke or Power Pocket, is a sub-series (spinoff) of the Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū series baseball game developed by Konami ... It is noted that the Atsumare! Power Pro Kun no DS Koushien is not included in the series, although the prequel Pawapoke Koushien was (see note) ...

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