Prince of Asturias

Prince of Asturias (Spanish: Príncipe de Asturias, Asturian: Príncipe d'Asturies) is the historical (and under the Spanish Constitution of 1978, the official) title given to the heir to the Spanish throne. It was also the title under the earlier Crown of Castile. The current Prince of Asturias is Felipe, son of King Juan Carlos of Spain and Queen Sofía. Contrary to practice in non-Iberian countries, should there be no heir apparent, the title can be (but is not necessarily) given to the heir presumptive – a daughter, sibling or matrilineal descendant of the monarch.

Other associated titles originate from the rest of the kingdoms that formed Spain: Prince of Viana (for Navarre), Prince of Girona (for Aragon), Duke of Montblanc (for Catalonia), Count of Cervera (for Valencia) and Lord of Balaguer (for Majorca).

Military dictator Francisco Franco appointed Juan Carlos de Borbón as his "successor with the title of King" but gave him the new title of Prince of Spain instead of Prince of Asturias.

The current Prince of Asturias has instituted the Prince of Asturias Awards.

Príncipe de Asturias Peak in Vinson Massif, Antarctica is named after the Prince of Asturias.

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