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Serbs Of Kosovo - History - Medieval
... invited the last heir of the House of Comitopuli – Duklja's prince Konstantin Bodin of the House of Vojislavljević, son of the Serbian King Mihailo Voislav ... The full Serbian takeover was carried out under a branch of the House of Voislav Grand Princes of Rascia ... In 1093, Prince Vukan advanced all the way to Lipljan, burned it down and raided the neighbouring areas ...
Lazar Of Serbia - Cult - After The Great Serb Migration
... The Ravanica monks joined the northward exodus, taking Lazar's relics and the monastery's valuables with them ... to spread the veneration of the Holy Prince they made a woodcut representing Lazar as a cephalophore, holding his severed head in his hand ... They renovated it and placed Lazar's relics in its church, after which this monastery became the centre of Lazar's cult ...
Medieval Serbian Army - History - 14th Century
... In 1373, Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović emerged as the most powerful Serbian lord ... In 1386, Prince Lazar rebuffed the Ottoman Sultan Murad I at Pločnik, a site southwest of the city of Niš ... In the Battle of Kosovo, both Prince Lazar and Sultan Murad lost their lives ...
Jefimija - The Battle of Kosovo
... Murad I, and the Serbian warriors, led by Prince Lazar, which took place in 1389 on the field of Kosovo ... Jefemija's host and protector, Prince Lazar, was beheaded at the order of Murad's son Bayezid I ... tragedy through the loss of her beloved and respected friend Lazar ...
Battle Of Kosovo
... Vitus' Day, June 15, 1389, between the army led by Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović, and the invading army of the Ottoman Empire under the leadership of Sultan Murad I ... The army under Prince Lazar consisted of his own troops, a contingent led by Serbian nobleman Vuk Branković, and a contingent sent from Bosnia by King Tvrtko I, commanded by Vlatko Vuković ... Prince Lazar was the ruler of Moravian Serbia, and the most powerful among the Serbian regional lords of the time, while Vuk Branković ruled a part of Kosovo and ...

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