Primitives may refer to:

  • The Primitives, alternative rock band
  • The Primitives, alternative country band, precursor to Uncle Tupelo
  • The Primitives, parody band formed in 1964 with Lou Reed and John Cale
  • Artists of the early International Gothic period of art, in particular:
    • Early Renaissance painting
    • Early Netherlandish painting
  • Primitives (stamps), crudely designed early postage stamps

Other articles related to "primitives, primitive":

Fourth and Fifth-generation Programming Language Primitives
... not have a simple one-to-many correspondence from high-to-low level primitives ... There are some elements of interpreted language primitives embodied in 4gl and 5gl specifications but the approach to the original problem is less a procedural language construct and are more ...
Skype Security - Implementation and Protocols - Cryptographic Primitives
... Skype uses standard cryptographic primitives to achieve its security goals ... The cryptographic primitives used in Skype are the AES block cipher, the RSA public-key cryptosystem, the ISO 9796-2 signature padding scheme, the SHA-1 hash function, and the RC4 stream cipher ...
Interpreted Language Primitives
... language statement has similarities to the HLL primitives but with a further added 'layer' ... has to be processed by an interpreter, a process that may involve many primitives in the target machine language ...
PKCS1 - Primitives
... The standard defines several basic primitives ... The primitive operations provide the fundamental instructions for turning the raw mathematical formulas into computable algorithms ...