Priming may refer to:

  • Priming (psychology), a process in which the processing of a target stimulus is aided or altered by the presentation of a previously presented stimulus.
  • Priming (media) is a cognitive process, in which media information (Primes) increases temporarily the accessibility of knowledge units in the memory of an individual, which makes it more likely that these knowledge units are used in the reception, interpretation and judgement for the following external information.
  • Priming (agriculture), a form of seed planting preparation, in which seeds are soaked before planting
  • Priming (science), a process of cleaning and preparing equipment before experimentation
  • Priming (steam engine), a harmful condition in which water is carried over from the boiler of a steam engine.
  • Priming (immunology), a process occurring when a specific antigen is presented to naive lymphocytes causing them to differentiate either into armed effector cells or into memory cells.
  • The process by which a pump is filled with fluid and made able to operate.
  • Priming (finance)

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Retrospective Memory - Semantic Memory
... It plays a significant role in the study of priming ... Jones (2010) researched a pure mediated priming effect and wanted to discover which model accounted for it ... Pure priming refers to the connection between two concepts that have a weak or no association with each other ...
Priming (psychology) - Cognitive Neuroscience - Conceptual Priming
... Conceptual priming has been linked to reduced blood flow in the left prefrontal cortex ... The view that perceptual priming is controlled by the extrastriate cortex while conceptual priming is controlled by the left prefrontal cortex is undoubtedly an oversimplified view of the process, and current ...
Centrifugal Pump - Priming
... Most centrifugal pumps are not self-priming ... In other words, the pump casing must be filled with liquid before the pump is started, or the pump will not be able to function ...
Priming (psychology)
... Priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to a stimulus influences a response to a later stimulus ... The effects of priming can be very salient and long lasting, even more so than simple recognition memory ... Unconscious priming effects can affect word choice on a word-stem completion test long after the words have been consciously forgotten ...