Primary Schools in Banbury

Primary Schools In Banbury

Dashwood Banbury Academy (former Dashwood Primary)is a long-established school formerly situated on Dashwood Road, Banbury. In September 2008 it moved to new premises in Merton Street in the Grimsbury district of Banbury. But this was accompanied by a disastrous Ofsted report which put the school into "special measures". The solution was a Federation with Banbury School (a secondary school) and Vicki McLean was seconded from Banbury School to run Dashwood School with Louise McGinty. Between them they got Dashwood School out of "special measures" within nine months and Ms McLean was confirmed as headteacher to carry the school forward. By the end of 2010 pupil numbers were rising with 190 boys and girls from 14 different nationalities. The school is achieving its targets with above-average numbers of pupils reaching Level 5 in English and Maths. After consultation with parents and pupils, the school introduced a uniform with green blazers and green and gold ties. In September 2011 Ofsted inspectors concluded the school was now good with many outstanding features, including "exemplary" pupil behaviour. In 2012 the school converted to Academy status.

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